Dunkin’ Donuts Pay It Forward Giveaway

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Pay It Forward April 28th, Win Free Dunkin' Now

National "Pay It Forward" Day is all about encouraging folks to do a good deed. Buy your friend a coffee. Pick up a stranger's tab. Give an extra donut to your co-worker.

To celebrate the day, we're giving away $25 DD cards each day this week (M-F) - and asking them to use those gift cards to make someone else's day brighter. Here's an idea: take advantage of one of Dunkin' Donuts' new Dunkin' Go2 offers. That way, you can do a good deed - and still have something for yourself!

We'll post the winners here after they're announced each day. We'll also post them on Facebook and Twitter.

Monday's winner - Laura Kimball of Jerhico

Tuesday's winner - Brian Sanderson of Center Rutland

Wednesday's winner - Owen Reinders of Colchester

Thursday's winner - Susan Celley of Cabot

Friday's winner - Amanda Luman of Montpelier